Dear Izzy,

Hello, it’s been awhile. Sorry….. Been lots of changes soooo let’s play catch-up! Sammy is now engaged to the infant (Devin) and I won’t stop calling him Dylan. Childish I know but eh I’m not overly fond. They also bought a house together… I have a new job. I left the old one after 5 years. I like the new one… I don’t do much but I get to work in a big city so that’s fun. Janko tried to set me up with a boy…. I’m not overly interested. I feel like at this point if we don’t click right away it’s not worth the effort. I’m being a good daughter and making cookies with Mom on Sunday. We missed you at Thanksgiving. I’m sorry I didn’t stop by your room…… I’ll go in on Sunday… I promise. Mom had us set up the tree for her and it reminds me how sorry I am. You almost take for granted how much time you spend with Mum and feel bad for not making enough effort with Mom. I bought Roomie an advent. I’ll let you know how cookie fest goes. 

Missing you always,



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