9th: this unfinished paper drove me crazy

This app says goodnight journal, but I am not writing this one at night, I am writing this one in the morning–although somewhere on the other side of the world it is night–in my campus library because I was just beyond frustrated that I couldn’t finish my paper fast enough. I was on it day and night but just could not find a way to improve it. I want to impress my prof, but right now I just wanted it to be finished. I don’t have the time to keep only working on it because I have other subjects to take care of too. Soon it will be Christmas break, and after that final weeks follows and I was not prepared. Shoot I should have just keep on working on the paper instead of writing this nonsensical journal–or rather, ranting–but I just have to get this out. Cross my fingers I could get back my focus after this and get the paper done before the day ends. And before I overdose on caffeine.


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