Private Life of a House of Five (Jax) Forgotten

Today was not a good day. A person’s birthday is supposed to be happy and fun, but not today. I was really excited going to bed the night before because I knew that everyone had something planned. At least, that’s what I thought. 

I woke up late and saw that I was the only one home. I tried calling Sir, but he wouldn’t answer and neither would anyone else. I kept trying and waited for them to come home, but nothing happened. 

I finally decided to pull out an old recipe from the cookbooks Sir doesn’t like us using and made a strawberry cupcake for everyone in the house. I put a candle in mine, sang happy birthday to myself, made a wish and ate alone.

Everyone got home two hours ago and when I asked them where they were all day Mae said that they went to an all day show in a different town. She said she would’ve invited me, but she knew I hated those kinds of things and being woken up. I like all day shows, especially when I’m with people I care about.

None of them wished me a happy birthday before they went to bed except for Sir. He came into my room while I was in the middle of crying like a baby and apologized. He said that Mae had told him I didn’t want to go which wasn’t true. He said that he was worried and upset that I wasn’t there and forced everyone to come back home when they were supposed to stay another night in the next town. He said that no matter what documents, blood, or genetics say, I’m still his. And for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like the odd one out in this family. I felt truly accepted and wanted by Sir. After that, he gave me my present, wished me a happy birthday and…he said he loved me. I haven’t heard him say those words in years.

Thank you Sir, for making me feel like I belong in the family again.   

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