A Resolution Already?

I don’t really have a reason to be writing today but I’m just going to go with it and see what happens. 

So while I was in the shower today I got some great motivation, out of nowhere. So I’ve decided to start my new years resolution early I guess. It’s to take care of myself more in a healthy way. Considering how busy my life is, I feel I definitely need to mind myself. Maybe keep up a skin care routine, start exercising; not only to get fitter but to clear my head. Also, I’m very lazy when I want to be and I want to try change that! 

My diet is very poor at the moment, I’m constantly on the go and I highly doubt I actually each the right amount of calories. If I do eat the right amount, it’s most likely not in a healthy way. No, I’m not going to go crazy and stop eating chocolate that’s just plain cruel. I’m sure I could eat in moderation a bit more. I’m a sucker for ice cream too. I have stopped buying biscuits in my shopping, I buy these amazing lemon yogurts instead. 

The idea of being healthy is already there so I might as well start as soon as. Don’t get me wrong I won’t torture myself through Christmas, that would be crazy of me, but hopefully I can be a bit more mindful. If I’m working that won’t be a problem, one break for eight hours doesn’t give you a lot of time for snacking!

As I said in my last post to I’d like to get back reading and writing again. Hopefully I can pick it up during my holidays from college, I’ve my eye on the Da Vinci Code! I do watch a lot of shows and films online so I’ll have to learn to put down the laptop for a bit. I’m sure I’ll probably write an entire post or more about my love for TV shows which have gotten as good as movies in the last few years.

I’v literally a million things I could talk about! If anyone wants to suggest anything or pick from a random list I’ll add right about now…

-TV Shows I Love

-College Course & Career Dreams (I study 3D Model Making for Film/TV)

-My Obsession with 80’s Movies

-My Strange Interest in Serial Killers

-Relationship Experiences

-Or simply a topic to chat about if anyone’s interested I guess

Well that’s all for today folks,

Good day,

J x

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