Situational friend

What does that mean? Does that really apply to me? An ex friend told a current friend of mine that she thought of me as a situational friend. I’m angry, sad, hurt, and worried about this. Am I a situational friend? Someone who only uses people at their convenience?

Thats what I think it means. For me friends are people who come and go in your life at different points in your life. You’re in their life at this time and they’re in yours and you help each other out if you’re able. Plus a bunch of anime quotes about friendship. I’m not as naive as I used to be. I’m not a bad friend to people I’m friends with. I always tried too hard to stay on people’s good side that it tired me out. When I hung out with this friend i always had her in my head. I was always worried about how she would judge me. I was probably projecting, but that doesn’t sound like a healthy friendship for either of us. We were best friends and I split us up for my ex. That’s on me. You didn’t realize that I was going to split us up before she was even in the picture. She just fertilized the idea until it grew into action. I feel bad about it, but I was starting to understand that our codependency was doing us a lick of good. I wasn’t growing. You seem like you weren’t growing either. I was anxious around you. I didn’t enjoy that. Like I said friendships come and go. People come and go in your life you have to learn to be ok with it because you do the same.

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