Wed 13th

Today’s entry will only be short.

It wasn’t particularly eventful but I have more or less made the decision that I would like to do masters degree in Japan. 

I have found University in Kyoto which looks very promising, however after further research I am worried that I will not be able to get in.

Although they will definitely be financial issues the main reason why I’m lacking confidence is because the entrance exams and my lack of Japanese language. 

Originally I thought that I could actually speak and understand quite a bit of Japanese but after further tests and mock exam questions, (that I’ve just taken) I realised I’m actually a bit shit… More than a bit shit. 

Honestly you would be a dream to travel and study abroad in Japan as I’ve always been really interested in it like a lot of wee wee people but I just don’t fully feel like it’s a realistic dream.

I would love to remain optimistic and keep planning and researching but at the same time after doing the initial research I feel a bit dejected. Don’t get me wrong the apartments look absolutely sick and I even managed to convince my partner to maybe come along with me after we graduate. 

But after learning about the different visas I’d need and the entrance exams and the certificate of eligibility, I just feel like it’s all a bit too impossible. 

Eventhough I feel like it might not be achievable I still kinda want to push myself to apply just in case because it would just push me further out of my comfort zone, which scary and terrifying but I feel like I need it. 

As a conclusion I feel there might not be that much left in England for me away the Japan is just too big of a jump too soon. I don’t even know how to claim tax rebate never mind moving immigrate to an entirely different country. 

For now I just need to try and keep my head out of the clouds and concentrate on my degree, and do my best to get my first but – going to be honest – I’m expecting a 2:1 or maybe just a 3rd. At this point in time I’m just happy that I get a qualification out of it. 

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  1. Good luck! I’d love to have an opportunity such as that. I hope you are accepted and if not I hope you TRY AGAIN

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