[144] ~*Thu – 12/14/17*~

[12:28 pm]

I’m so tired of coughing, it’s been a week now. My ribs are still a lil sore from the coughing and I’m starting to wonder if I should go see the doc which I really don’t want too. I just want to feel better. I’m also so very tired today. I went to bed with a bit more than eight hours to sleep but I guess it wasn’t enough. Of course I had to check the time this morning and I had about 15 mins left to sleep so I pushed my alarm another 25 mins. I don’t think I’ve ever woken up earlier like I always want too as I always end up looking at the time and pushing my alarm so I can sleep some more.

I’m currently at home as I had a bit of time between clients and I wanted to come home to eat. I’m not too sure if my next client will take all her time, I don’t think so, but I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t so then I’ll have time to drop by my friend’s place. Seem I haven’t been there in a while as I last went there Sun when I went home sick from work.

I’m still debating on what to do next week for mom’s Bday. I think she really wants me to go over to see her Christmas tree but I don’t really have time to go all the way there. I kinda asked hub if I could go sleep there just me and my friend as he works until midnight on Mon but he sorta didn’t wanted me to go without him. I know he doesn’t really care but I do hate going places without him so I don’t know. I’m also going to be without a car on that day so I don’t know if my friend would want us to take her car to go all the way there. I was thinking that maybe we could leave really early on Tue morning and make it all the way to mom and then go to town later on to watch a movie. I’m thinking of leaving at like eight in the morning but we all know how I am sooo I very doubt that I’ll want to get up that early on my one day off. Blah! I could always sleep in the car but every time I plan on sleeping, we just end up talking the whole way and I stay awake. I could always tell my friend to sit in front with hub and I’ll take the backseat that way I could sleep. I just hope it’s going to be nice as of course, dear hub of mine didn’t get the winter tires on the car yet. Blah him! 

Gosh! All I want to do right now is sleep. I just said that I was hoping my client wouldn’t take all her time so I could go to my friend’s but I think that if I have some time I will just come straight back home and go nap. I want to sleep so very badly right now. I really don’t know what to do with myself as far as always being tired.




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