A Season to Celebrate

I can feel the cold breeze outside.

I can hear the Christmas carols all around.

The colourful and bright decorations fill all buildings and houses.

It’s just like yesterday when I had this feeling of excitement and joy, like a child who can’t wait for this season.

It’s the season where every boys and girls, young and old, rich or poor celebrates and excited with the gifts they are about to receive.

Regardless the status in life everyone seems to look forward to this festive….

Oh, this season is really the most awaited time of the year

With the bells and Christmas carols you can find yourself like as a child with all the gifts and toys, the greetings and cards that brings joy and love to our hearts.

This time of year also remembers the birth of Christ and how He save us from sin.


Let’s all celebrate with cheer and gladness and as we welcome the New Year with a blast.



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  1. What a nice entry hope you have an amazing festive season

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