Day 653 to 656 – Family member, grades & hair

Wednesday, December 13 2017

Well, I decided an odd time to write my entry.

I got the news a few minutes ago that my great uncle passed away. I don’t know how to feel about that yet. I’m not crying, although I’m sad of course… Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to talk to him for a few years now, or maybe it’s because I’m still in shock. Either way, he’s in heaven now, so I’m sure he’s happy. I’ll also pray for my family as they go through this.

Other than that, the past few days has been pretty busy. However, Sunday not so much. I took that time to relax and feed my introvert.

Monday and Tuesday were basically work days, which makes sense cause of school. I worked on writing assignments and studied for my upcoming math test, which was today. It went bad for a lot of people, again. Not many people could finish it it seems. I couldn’t finish two questions, and guessed one, as well as part of another. Oh well, what can you do. If I get a bad grade, at least it’ll be practice to not let it bother me and instead motivate me. In the past, bad grades would motivate me, but now they do the opposite and discourage me. I have to figure out a way to switch it back.

Other than that, I spent a lot of time trying to render an animation in Blender, and did some final corrections on my essay.

Now my mom, if she feels up to it even after the news, will help me cut the weird strand of hair that the hairdresser messed up. The hairdresser left a strand at the length I had before, so I have been keeping it tucked back, that way it isn’t noticeable. My mom and I decided that even if she’s a fun hairdresser to talk to, she’s not the best and we wouldn’t go back. My mom isn’t satisfied with her hair colour and my hair was screwed up a bit with the cut. Also, my haircut isn’t what I was asked for, however, it was a pleasant surprise, cause I kinda like it. Even then, there’s the weird strand of hair that she forgot. The place is also really expensive. Oh well, was fun talking to her while it lasted.

That’s all today.

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