Day 7: Honeymoon in Chile

At our cooking class the night before it was highly recommended that we check out getting a permit and hiking in Parque Tagua Tagua.  This is a private park that only allows in 28 people per day to keep the amount of human damage done to the environment at a minimum.  For the most part this day was spent working with trying translate Spanish documents to English and getting them filled out and filed for our permits.  It was a bit stressfull.  You will never feel more helpless and humbled than when you go to another country where you can only speak a total of about 30 words.  Goal for 2018 is to work on speaking Spanish. 

              We were able to get in a couple of quick hikes.  One was in Las Cascades about 1 hour north of Puerto Varas to some beautiful waterfalls and the other was a short hike after the stressfull booking of our Parque Tagua Tagua pass in our home base national park called Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.  After our hike we made our way back to our sweet cabana where we worked on getting our packs re-arranged and re-packed for our big adventure the next day.

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