Feeling the love and the dread

 Don’t be silly i loveeeee when people comment on my stuff it makes me feel like i have a soul purpose to write i adore when people comment on good or bad its amazing to me that i made sometime take a timeout and write for me i don’t know its really cool i don’t mind one bit

Currently playing: Other Voives by The Orwells

Its a really good song would suggest giving it a try, but lat journal i wrote Bulimic as my title well you thought right….i think? Well i make myself throw up sometimes i do this because well i feel fat i’m 108.8 pounds i did lose a pound but still overweight apparently i don’t even know but i make myself throw up sometimes m friends said that i’m bulimic but the thing is i’m not diagnosed so i’m not going to go around telling people about a serious mental issue but idk i feel fat a lot and sluggish and ugly i am ugly no one likes me and i am truly going to die alone i can feel it i’m going to be homeless and poor and dumb i’m so fucking dumb  Hey you wanna see my face follow me on Instagrammmm @randy_nubss Lmao hmu

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