Quick entry before bed

In bed, away to read for a while before sleep. Had a decent day at work today, made better when I got home to see Mya, she drew the cutest picture of Santa Claus! 

  I finished off almost all of my Xmas shopping and wrapping.. can’t wait to get next week of work over with and relax for a while. I have a bottle of mulled wine just asking to be opened . I was really hoping to go to an xmas market this year but I don’t think we will have the time what with all the events every weekend. Mya has her dance class tomorrow and it is their Xmas party, I bought her a red dress with gold sequins from the Avon book , her face when she saw it tonight was a picture! 

  I am so tired tonight .. keep waking up at 3am worrying about stupid things that in the light of day are not even worth worrying about. Stupid anxiety getting the better of me😡

   Anyway, goodnight everyone xx

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  1. Hey 🙂 Thank you for commenting on my journal, and I hope it went well taking your cutie daughter to see Santa too 😀 I’ve suffered with anxiety in the past, it was awful, stay strong <3 xxx

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