Something Someone Who Means The World To Me Once Said

“Never forget the love this world has to give, and never take love for granted.”

Right now this saying speaks to me. I’ve realized that I have a tendency to go looking for love in all the wrong places.

Being forced to open up to someone isn’t love. Always guessing where you stand in someones life isn’t love. Not telling the other person when they’re in the wrong isn’t love. Feeling isolated and alone isn’t love. Fearing that they may leave you because you are flawed just like every other human on this planet is not love.

I need to keep telling myself these things over and over again until I understand that love is not abuse.

Love is taking time to learn all the little things. Love is understanding that there will be hard times. Love is knowing when to give each other space. Love is letting someone know that you’re not going to be scared away easily. Love is wanting to figure life out together instead of expecting everything to be perfect.

Love is both beautiful and scary. 

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