The morning after the night before

Waking and getting up use to be so easy for me, i was one of those annoying people who was out like a light as soon as their head touched the pillow so i always got my 8 hours, now though it is far more laborious, no not due to some unforseen malaise that hits me in the early hours of the day but due to the bastard known as arthritis. 

back when i was 19 (i am 30 now)  i was active. I enjoyed sports would dare say i was not even too shabby at them, but alas after one night in the the middle of summer 11 years ago my life changed… and i am still now sure how it came about,  although the story if how i became Darth Ritis is for another time. 

Back to today,  having woken up at 8 am and trying to get out of bed for 15 minutes i gave up,  i realised that when the weather is this cold it’s best i stay tucked away lest my family ridicule me for walking like John wayne to the kitchen. Or at least i should be saying that… unfortunately the world has a grander plan for me, And that plan is a work shift later. The irony of arthritis being a pain in the arse and my arse being the only place arthritis does not affect me is not lost on me,  but hey i have somehow managed to hold down a job as a care worker in a dementia unit for several years even with all my ailments. 

gotta count for something am i right? 

2 thoughts on “The morning after the night before”

  1. Well done for making it outta bed and taking your non-arthritic arse to work! 🙂

  2. haha why thank you very much , although my shift starts at 4pm….i am still hovering around my bed like “oooh a 30 min nap sounds nice” 🙂

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