Thursday December 14 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last aired my dirty laundry to you but as I am in bed and feeling somewhat aroused, it has dawned on me that our sexual relationship has turned a most beautiful corner.

My hunger for kinky and lustful sex has been eroded by a deep rooted desire for softer love making.  A tender variety of sensual spices made from soft touches, tender kisses, gentle words of love and a connection that i’ve not felt before.  Sometimes we still get a little cheeky but this new side to our relationship has caught me somewhat by surprise because I had thought there was nothing new to explore at this stage in life.  How wrong was I?  Turns out this old (ish) dog can still learn new tricks.  And what fine tricks they are.

Last week we had a day at home together and with the mattress upstairs, I began to massage Sarah with baby oil (my favourite pastime) and before I knew it, our bodies were tenderly linked together, rubbing up and down one another before we started kissing and gently slide inside and out, teasing Sarah’s vibrantly wet pussy.  She is almost always dripping wet and keeps my hunger for her delicious body at an intense and desirable cocktail of copious emotions and desires.  

Subconsiously, Sarah becomes incredibly moist when we do share the dirty chat.  I can feel her pussy loosen up and flow with even more juices.  It turns her on immensely.  I’ve even taken to sending naughty photos and videos to a couple of horny men who are desperate to feel their throbbing shafts pulse deep inside her.  Both men lay in bed touching themselves whilst craving Sarah’s body.

It’s extremely liberating watching Sarah become more her own person as we enjoy our time together.  There are just so many variations and variables to what we have been exploring these past few months.  It truly does get better as we learn more about each other and explore life together.  The sky is the limit for us.  

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