[145] ~*Fri – 12/15/17*~

[1:35 pm]

I just love how at night I read my book then I feel so tired that I put it aside thinking I will just rest for a lil and then keep reading. Of course that doesn’t happen as I always fall asleep for like an hour so then I just put my stuff away and take my pill to sleep for the night. I had no trouble falling asleep before when I didn’t want to but once I actually settle to sleep, I can’t freaking fall back asleep. This is so annoying! I know I’m always complaining about this but why does sleep has to be so darn hard?!

Anyways, the girl at the office is starting to piss me off. I emailed her a while back saying that I wanted to work on my schedule to make it that I would have Tue and Wed off. That said, just like in the summer when I had mentioned it, she keeps asking me to take people on Wed morning. What can’t she understand?! I want Wed off, I don’t want to work more on the damn day!! Gaw!! I don’t get why it’s so hard to get what we want..

Beside that, I’m still coughing and still feel tired. It’s been 11 days now so I’m really starting to wonder if I should go see a doc. Hub also got home last night sick, he started coughing. Stupid Flu Shot!

Yesterday I didn’t put the clothes away. Blah! I don’t know why but it seems like I have a hard time getting to that. I watched a movie and then just went to bed. I wanted to call my mom but didn’t even do that. 

Well, I should prob get back on the road. I had a client cancel so I stopped at BK to grab some food and write. I’m hoping my day will go fast cause as always, I’m tired and could crawl in bed right now. I need to start taking my B12. I think it might be one of the reason why I’m always so tired during the day as I never take it. I just can’t seem to remember it. I need to put it in the bathroom where I’ll see it when I’m getting ready. Maybe that’s all I need to have more energy during the day. 

Anyways, I need to stop writing and get going or I’ll end up being late. 




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