To want: have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for -Wiki

I get told I can get what I want if I ask, but once I do ask, I don’t get it. I get excuses. “I don’t feel like to.” “That’s not what I want right now.” “I need this for myself.” I just want attention from one person. Yeah, I’m an “attention whore” but that’s what I need. I didn’t grow up with a loving supportive family, I didn’t have many friends, I only had myself during the hard times. I may, may not be asking for a lot but I just need it. Now I’m not the kind that says “give me this” or “give me that”. Just sit next to me, touch my elbow, just let me know you are there, you are present. There’s a couple things my first love taught me:
1. What a family looks like: Yeah, I have my own blood family, but his was actually beautiful. Everyone was there for each other. Everyone loved each other. Yeah they fought once in a while but they were always there no matter what, that’s all I want.
2. Love: I wasn’t always an attention whore. I used to be cold hearted, I didn’t care about anyone, sometimes I didn’t even care about myself, he fucked that up for me. Sometimes I wished I could go back to the old me.
I just want things to work out. I want to meet half way, at least. “I’m human.” Well, I’m human too, and I’m trying. That’s what I want.

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