Day 8: Honeymoon in Chile

Today was one of the most wild adventures I had ever been on.  It had ups and downs but in the end we came out on top.  Sit down, get a nice drink, and settle in for one amazing story!

              It started at 4:00am when our alarms went off so that we could get out of the cabana to make sure that we made the first ferry at 7:30 to get us over to Parque Tagua Tagua.  It was a dark 2 hour drive from our cabana to  the ferry port called Punta Canelo just east of Puelo Chile.  We made it to the ferry with time to spare to catch the 7:30 ship.  However once we arrived at El Maldendo port 8:15 we had to wait until 10:00 to get a short boat ride from the ferry port to the private Parque Tagua Tagua. 

              When we finally made it into the park it was raining non stop.  Granted this park is a rain forest it was still raining A LOT!  We both just gave up on staying dry for the day and got use to being completely soaded through our 6.5K hike and back.  We had to keep a tight time schedule to make sure that we could make it from the entrance of the park to the first refuge hut (6.5k in and about 2500ft of elevation) and back to the last ship back to the ferry port at 4:00pm so that we could catch the last ferry back to Punta Canelo ferry port at 4:30.  It was a tight schedule but we both liked the challenge.  The views in Parque Tagua Tagua were of those straight out of a fairy tale!  Everything was unbelievable!  We made it to the Refuge house that we wanted to make it to right at about half the time we had to make sure we could get back to the entrance.  We knew we would have to move to get back but we had it no problem.  The view of the lake at the refuge house was one of the most beautiful things that I had every seen.  Trees sprouting out of the water like tall bean stalks and coutless waterfalls from snow melt and feeder creeks feeding into the main river.  It was magical.  We were both so happy to make it to the refugee house.  We couldn’t stay long.  Just long enough to slam some food and warm up by the stove.  Then it was off to race back to catch the last ferry.

              We made it back with about 20 minutes to spare.  We were pumped!  However there was no boat to take us back to the ferry to be seen and no park attendant there to help us that was the.  4:00 rolls around and still no boat, 4:15, 4:30 pass by and still no boat or park attendant.  I was getting pretty worried.  Then it happened, off in the distance we saw the ferry we needed to be on sailing right past us.  We missed it.  That’s when we gave up hope and took the situation in our own hands.  We found a CB radio in the park attendant refugee hut that was empty but unlocked.  I turned it on and the radio channel was programmed to the Mitico lodge that gave us the ride over to the park.  I called to them 3 or 4 times and they finally answered back!  It was great to hear their voice especially when they could speak English!  They sent a boat for us right away to get us off of the park and since we had a car over and needed it to be on the ferry back we had to wait for the next morning ferry.  They gave us a free place to stay and free meals for the night at their fancy lodge!  It was awesome!  So nice to be in a nice place and start getting dry.  It rained so, so, much all that day and the following.  We were so wet and so aapreciative that Mitico Lodge helped us out so much!  Quite the adventure we were on the my adventurous wife kept her cool on much better than I did.  Time for a few drinks and a good nights rest!

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