Work is very interesting today. There seems to be a lot of double standards happening and people  are being singled out for no reason. It’s also not very festive around here. So many changes in how people are being promoted and hired that everyone is bitter and upset. Plus money is tight so the holiday festivities have been cut. The overall mood is very disheartening. I will be happy to be taking time off. I am just thankful to have a job and to continue to be working. In the past there was a huge lay-off.  I want a promotion as well so who knows where I will be this time next year. Only time will tell. For now I am applying for different positions that are open and hope something pays off. I know I have the experience and knowledge, just hoping to find a department I can fit it. I have high expectations for 2018. I’ve decided to work on myself and make 2018 “THE YEAR I TRULY CHANGED’ on so many levels. 365 days to become the person I have dreamed of being. I know I can do it.  My brother’s words keep ringing in my head “Everyone is out for themselves, no one is going to give you anything. If you really want something, make it happen, don’t wait, that’s just wasted time” So I’m going to do it. Look for a new job, become the healthiest person I can be, but most of all DO NOT SETTLE!  This will be my mantra!  As one of my favorite presidents once said “I need to be the change that I want to see in the world”…out for now…

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