Hemi is my adorable cat, yes, he’s named after an engine but it suits him. That’s him in the picture. I have no clue what kind of cat he is, all I known is that he was born in a barn. I like to call him Hemi Bird IDK why I just think it sounds cute. Hemi is roughly 8-9 months, I don’t know how much that is in cat years (is that even a thing???). He was a graduation gift from my best friend at the time, we “broke up” (aren’t friend break-ups the best?). He was the cure to my depression, he’s my fluffy furry ball of sunshine. He’s super playful in the mornings and super lazy in the afternoons. His favorite activities are napping, playing, going outside and catching mice, squirrels, whatever he can find. A couple of months after hubby and I moved together, we decided to get another cat, Edward. Hemi is in a “teenager” phase, he wouldn’t come cuddle if Edward is there. He rather sit on the corner of the bed instead. Half hour later he’ll give in and come cuddle which I think it’s funny and cute. I might be bias right now but Hemi’s the best cat in the whole world, IDK what I would do without him.

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