There will be a lot you’ll learn about me. From my last post, I never had a “loving, supportive” family, also I’m 18, 19 here soon. I live with my partner and have an okay job also. Yeah, I’m pretty young but there’s nothing more in the world I ever want more than a family. Unconditional love- affection without any limitations, or love without conditions (Wiki). The most beautiful, wonderful kind of love anyone could ever experience. I want nothing more to start my family right now. I want to get pregnant. We’ve tried before and I haven’t got any luck yet. I’m terrified to get professional help because of all the judgement so I’m trying to take thing on my own matter. I stopped smoking, and stop consuming so much junk food. I heard taking prenatals help to prepare your body. I started to take them a couple of days ago but they don’t make me feel good at all. I mean, I would stop taking them but it’s the only thing I can think of right now and I’m devoted to get pregnant. I know I will be a great mother, be someone for my child I never had in my life, and do whatever it takes for them to be happy, healthy, and loved.  

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