To new beginnings

I have created yet another blog to release my thoughts and hopefully this will also gather them and give me some clarity or answers to guide me into a more successful future.

Something happened to me for the first time 9 months ago. My body turned 30 years old. I felt like this was a huge accomplishment; A hurdle that i somehow gracefully hopped over. I did not feel like i crashed and burned. Prior to this acceptance of survival to the longest point of life in my own timeline, i experienced confusion and absolute denial. “Thirty. ¬†Thiiirrrrty.” I guess it’s a humbling experience to say the least. Now I’m 3 months away from the next number that will show no mercy. 31. #Feck.

As the wisest woman i know also clued me in with, “honey. You’re now middle aged. Opportunities will stop seeking you out.” Thanks, mom. You have ignited a fire within my soul.

I enjoyed my 20s. I married, divorced! I took a few college classes. I Gave birth to two amazing beings. I Fell in love. I lived. Life was constantly busy. I kept a job with a company for 7 years. I bought a badass new car. I want something more now. I want to set goals and accomplish those damn things. I sit at home and I’m grateful for this life. However, i need challenges. I need a new career. Back to college. Back to the drawing board of where do i want to be in 5 years. I’ll be back with a list. #owningthese30s #illcrushthisdecade

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