Why I Can’t Just Walk Away

It was the summer of 2015 when I finally decided to literally slide into his DM’s on Twitter. We had gone to school together our whole lives. He never once judged me for what I had done and he supported me in whatever i did. He was truly amazing. After all the terrible relationships he was the one. 

Our relationship was far from perfect but he made me a better person. He made me want to stay away from all the bad choices because he was enough of a “high” for me. It was much different than my other relationships and that is what made me fall for him. 

When i fall.. i fall hard. 

We were doing so good. He even bought me a promise ring for christmas. That’s when i knew that I had found the one. That i no longer had to search for that “true love” because i had it. I truly thought that I had found the guy that i was going to marry and raise children with. He made it seem possible. He promised himself to me. He promised me forever. 

Apparently, his forever isn’t as long as mine. 

He decided that I wasn’t good enough for him. He decided that he didn’t want me anymore. He chose to leave and give up everything we once had together. 

He chose to leave but he never really left. 

Here we are three months later still texting. I’m still staying the night with him and still giving my body to him. This time it’s different because he doesn’t want my heart.. he wants my body. 

Stupid me, always right there when he texts. It’s not his fault he keeps hurting me.. It’s mine because i let him. I let him back into my heart because he was supposed to be the one. 

I can’t walk away because I still have hope that one day we will work out. I still believe that he is in love with me and that it’s impossible to give up on someone like that. I can’t walk away because i’m still completely in love with him. 

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  1. I used to go through the same thing. I don’t want to give false hope or anything but we ended up dating again. Long story short, he wasn’t the one. We always had and still have this weird connection but he was my bestfriend. I don’t blame him for the pain I was in, It’s hard but sometimes giving up one thing will bring up something greater, hope things turn up better for you. x

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