[146] ~*Sat – 12/16/17*~

[10:23 am]

Since I was all caught up on shows I decided to go to bed early last night. Well, early.. it was 10 pm and I read till past midnight. Meh! So I still managed to have less than eight hours to sleep. This morning I was tired, still coughing and had a bit of a sore throat. Wth?! This is getting pretty crazy as it’s going on two weeks. 

I was still hoping for a cancellation this morning so I could go back to bed but I knew I wouldn’t be that lucky. So right now I’m with a client and we’ve been at Tim for the past hour, not talking and on our phones so blah. I could of stayed in bed for this. I know it still gets her out of the house but come on. 

So yea, all I’m thinking about as always is, my bed. I did take my B12 this morning but it won’t do me any good with just the one day. I’m going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my next client and I’m really not looking forward to that. Not my kind of movie, at all. Hoping we’re going to the 3D so I’ll be able to hide my eyes behind the glasses and sleep. Haha! I’m already telling myself that I’m going to bed super early tonight but let see if that actually happens. 




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