Took a nap…


So I took a nap and I’m feeling a little better.

I did all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping today and I’m EXHAUSTED.

Trying anything to make myself feel better, coloring and watching funny movies. I also setup my tiny Christmas tree and put the lights on 🎄

Got paid and its so annoying because nearly the same day of getting paid, I pay my bills and then I have hardly anything left for the next 2 weeks… I hate being broke.

Been really depressed today, not cool.
I hate feeling like this. I don’t necessarily know what is wrong or where is comes from, so IDK how to make it better. I stress about my stress and then I start a spiral…

Read some journals yesterday, I like this site. It’s pretty neat to write and have the ability to read other’s stuff. 

I’d like to be good at writing, but I lose interest so easily. I make the plot line and all the juicy events and get bored with the backstory and filler.. Don’t have the ability to be amazing at anything I guess. 

Possibly going to hang out with my boyfriend tonight. But tomorrow for sure. I love him. Honestly probably the only reason I haven’t succeeded in committing suicide. Him and my parents. He’s so nice to me and I can’t believe he’s all mine 💖
It’s amazing because the things I love to do, he does too! He’s my best friend.

Watching 20 Most Shocking. SO FUNNY! It cracks me up how stupid people are tho!
Like some are accidents and stuff and that’s sad, but some are due to just people being retards LOL. Sad but it makes mee feel better about myself.. Like that hasn’t happened to me and I’m not in that position. Thank you LORD. 

Oh yes, I’m religious, but not like a weirdo or anything. I believe in God and talk to him. Usually open about religion, unless people are forceful or trying to convert me… dumb.
Like just let me be.

Anyways, I don’t have much to write about now but I’ll write more probably tomorrow



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