Like all people, when you are drunk you are one or the other. Sometimes I’m sentimental, other times I’m hyped and horny (TMI? LOL). Well, I’m sentimental right now, great…  Edward, my other cat, is leaving for a new better home tomorrow. I’m upset to see him go but it’s what’s best for him. I’ve been gone all day since I worked and I finally got home and got some drinks in (I’ve been stressed.) Hubby doesn’t want to spend time with me, he rather play his video games. I mean I have the day off tomorrow but of course he finds something else to do. I thought I was going with him but guess not. I got so much in mind right now, my fingers can’t keep up with them. I just hope that at the end of the night I don’t end up bawling my eyes out (high key will end up doing so lol). How much alcohol will it take to get Dina drunk? We about to find out folks. 

Update: 2 four lokos later: i’m lit 

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