The Life of Miles Vitalis, Godwoken (#1)

The Life of Miles Vitalis, Godwoken

Entry #1

A great deal has happened since we first washed ashore on Fort Joy. We conquered cultists, murderers, psychopaths, dogs, traders, innocent children, satanic bugs, the undead, magisters, and — of course — the ravenous and towering voidwoken worm the size of a keep who ate Alexander. We later found that Alexander yet lived, which mystifies us because we handily looted his splattered entrails after watching his bloody and unspeakably gruesome death.

We did some stuff on the ship, the Lady Vengeance and found out she was a living and sentient ship composed of some kind of living elf wood. With our combined efforts, and Lohse being set aflame by the ship’s no less than two (2) times, we succeeded in convincing the Lady to take us to Reaper’s Coast. On the way there we had a brush in with Dallis, or “the Hammer” as she’s called. Some hammer. I’ve seen bigger. Anyway, after failing horrendously, we somehow managed and set foot on dry land at Reaper’s Coast at last.

We opted to take the rightmost path, teleporting across a river and raised drawbridge to heroically reunite a child and his mother. Soon after, we also succeeded in reuniting them with no less than four bloodthirsty mantis bugs from hell, but with the mother’s help we were able to make quick work of them and miraculously only set the FRONT of her house alight with potent pyrokinetic magicks. (NOTE: we have since checked in, and the house was still standing.)

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