Getting Ready For Work…

Got things got up for somethings. I sent an E-mail to a Family member for a loss. I finally figured out how to sync my Ipod to Itunes to download podcasts and the music I imported. I’m just not real bright….hello…hit apply first! It’s all there and looks like it worked. I’ll check it out at work. I still have some cd’s left to import but they are just chanting cd’s from a life past and don’t really use them. However they are Cd’s and want them in the library. I’m going to get ready for work….I feel stupid and see how I’m fading away….I don’t want to be around anyone, family included. I don’t want to go to ((*& in Feb. Yet I know it’s unhealthy and it’s hard to hide how I feel as I don’t contact anyone or share anything as there is nothing to share….I feel guilty and in that just makes it worse. Off to work……….Thanks

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