The Life of Miles Vitalis, Godwoken (#2)

The Life of Miles Vitalis, Godwoken

Entry #2

My three comrades (Doot, Lohse, Ifan) and I (Miles) went downstairs into a dungeon below the house of the mother and child we saved across the bridge on Reaper’s Coast. There was some sort of puzzling mechanism consisting of several switches that we were unable to comprehend despite various attempts.

We left the house and ventured east, finding an upstanding and utterly trustworthy man before an ominous and foreboding graveyard who enlisted us to find some sort of ancient and powerful artefact from a dangerous crypt. We agreed, because he seemed quite wholesome and I am compelled in earnest to trust this man with our precious lives.

The graveyard was manned by masked servants resembling the crow-like plague doctors. We looted the tombs and coffins of the dead for good fortune. I’m sure they’ll understand. Upon reaching a dog named Andras (who for some reason we all called “Andreas”), who as it were was actually the furry incarnate of Death Himself, Andras thereafter incanted a satanic ritual which summoned a skeletal Goliath larger than all of us shoulder to shoulder. The party was soundly defeated.

Our subsequent dive into the foggy burial grounds found us conversing with a groundskeeper lizard woman who seemed frightened. Without saying so directly, she subtly suggested that we kill a terrible man called Ryker. Embracing her plea, it just so happened that we found an eerie mansion and set upon exploring it (NOTE: we would later realize this was the abode of none other than the trading merchant Ryker himself). Many more masked servants could be found within the mansion, and perhaps my eyes deceived me but I swear on my mother’s life I saw ethereal apparitions behind the masked servants once as lightning struck.

We opted to go upstairs despite being warned of impending doom by a helpful portrait, and threw all caution to the wind by breaking down the doors because I was not skilled enough in thievery, garnering the ire of three masked servants (NOTE: on the subject of masked servants biology, I made a miraculous scientific discovery in realizing they bleed a poisonous substance and cannot be counted among the living).

Triumph came to us with ease and I entered a webbed room and walked into a back room. As my hands reached out to a chest, I noticed venom and spittle drooling onto the back of my hand with a faint sizzle, and was met with a GARGANTUAN FUCKING SPIDER. I froze in a fit of panicked terror as my comrades prepared for battle. The ensuing violence was so great that I nearly lost my own life, but the broodmother turned her gaze to my comrades and I was able to escape at the last moment and support them from afar. Somehow, we managed to contain our fiery destruction within the confines of that room, and I consider myself glad that fire goes out on its own. Near the end, the entire room was fire. Alas, when the beast and her young spiderlings were vanquished, we all agreed to rest for the night, our bodies still battered and broken. (NOTE: I still have nightmares of this incident.)

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