Mr Buttons is no longer part of my life. It has ven one of the most painful removals of my entire life… but one that I believe will in the end save it. I no longer allow him to dominate my thoughts… or in any way my actions. I pray for him still along with my children and ex husband but that’s as much love as I can give. 

I had surgery the other day. The cancer is in stage 2 and they had to remove two of my lymph nodes. I’m exhausted but continually believing that whatever God’s purpose for my life will manifest. I have nothing to offer and no energy left to waist. I just want to get on with it and be done. 

One thought on “Extraction”

  1. God does shine through you because you wrote this blog. It inspired me. I’m sorry for your losses; but glad your heart is centered in Christ. It is so good that you can pray for your ex and your children, etc. Better times are coming. Keep believing. You are loved!

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