It’s so hard to save money, man. I don’t know what else to say.

My pops gets back in town after spending about a week in Korea. I’m hoping we can work on my car, but the weather’s been shitty lately. I think I’ve been without my car since October? I can’t even remember now. 

I’m trying my best to make things work though. I’m still getting to and from work. I’m still buying Christmas presents. I’m still eating even if it’s ramen twice a day. I’m trying to relax over this winter break before it gets hard again in January with the new quarter starting. It’s clinical microbiology and clinical chemistry, with labs 3x a week. I’m nervous about it. And tired. Really fucking tired of school. 

Good news is, I ended last quarter with straight As. It’s not a high A, but it’s still straight As. Next quarter I’m going to have to study harder. Last quarter, I was getting into the swing of things with the new job, new lifestyle, no car, school program all at the same time. But now that I’ve gotten sort of used to this daily new grind, I think it’ll be 1% easier to handle lmao

Off topic — I’m not sure how I feel about good night journal. I like it, it’s very simple, easy to use, to the point, and I love that I can snoop around and read your guys’ journaling, but I feel like it’s not quite “there” yet for me. Maybe because I haven’t blogged quite enough to get a real feel for it? I don’t even know how to comment back or whether someone replied to my comment on their blog. I think that’s the missing piece with this platform.

Anyway, how are you guys coping with broke season? Are you guys conflicted between holiday happiness and broke blues?

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  1. you know when you are commenting, there’s this little square you have to tick before posting comment to get a notification when someone replies to ur comments on their blog.
    about the sem, im in 5th semester in college and its been the shittiest. This sem, i had 4 labs, 5 majors and 6 subjects in total. these days im having lab exams, today’s was bad. im so done with this semester, cant wait for this week to be over. I totally get when u talk about labs and being tired of college.
    have a good day!

  2. Thank you for showing me how to follow-up on comments and keep track of them! Now I can be more interactive and engaging.

    I totally feel you on school. I just ended the quarter last week and it was difficult juggling work and a full, science-heavy course load with labs 2 days a week for 3 hours each. Next quarter is going to be even worse with 3 labs a week, 4 hours each 🙁

    GOOD LUCK with the rest of the semester!! You got this!!!

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