Mon 18

I am overweight. 

I know I’ve been gaining weight recently, especially with the run up to Christmas and my seemingly endless hunger for sweets, pastries, chocolates and baked goods. 

The amount of times I keep trying to stick to a diet and it’ll last about about 2/3 weeks and then I’ll really be craving a maccies. I feel awful afterwards, especially when I’m reading fashion magazines or browsing Instagram. 

It’s a never ending cycle. And sometimes, not going to lie, I wanna chuck up all the food I eat. 

Today I started pretty well. I had a salad for lunch ( I woke up so late there was no point in having breakfast) and a veggie stir fry for dinner, but then I went and ruined it with a big share bag of crisps. 

But I checked my BMI today and it’s like 27! I’ve got a bit of a belly and more rolls than Gregg’s when I sit down but I didn’t realise how bad it was. 

Time to excercise (which I fucking hate!) And try and cut down on carbs. Noooooo, not looking forward to it. 

I’m also quite ill with a cold and fever right nowso things aren’t too great. Wish me luck 

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  1. Girl, talk to me about the candy and pastries and Christmas coming! I want nothing but carbs to eat. I can’t resist. I feel for you. I’ll pray for you, for your cravings to cease and that you will lose weight and feel BETTER, and your cold will go away. God bless!

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