6 Days until Christmas

Am I ready for Christmas?  No, I am not.  I am less ready than ever in years past.  My ratty old artificial tree is still up from last year, and the lights don’t work.  I’m giving gift cards, which feels so impersonal.  I have so many demands on me, my head is swirling. But then I think of that newborn Baby, and I just melt.  Little brown eyes looking around; hands reaching for his mother.  Angels singing, hardly able to get a note out because they, too, are overwhelmed by the beautiful Baby King.  O Come let us adore Him!!  Amen!

2 thoughts on “6 Days until Christmas”

  1. I bet that ratty artificial tree screams more Christmas than the houses that have no decorations? =)

    I wanted to thank you for the prayer you did for me I am so touched! I had to tell you I heard it, and it did it’s job. I was filled me with a sense of inspiration and hope. Thank you sweet lady!

    In return I’d like to give one back for you: Dear Lord, please hear my little prayer for savedbygrace, so that Christmas slows down a little in coming to help give her more time =) Amen

  2. Thank you so very much for your kindness and your prayer. I ‘m so glad it helped! About my tree….it had been sitting on the table (small tree) all year. I was discouraged at the thought of decorating it, taking the old lights off because one strand didn’t work. Well.
    When I finally plugged it in to access what I would need, the whole tree lit up in color. It is beautiful! God answered your prayer in a very tangible way! Love to you……Lynn

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