I’m Actually Writing A Journal? Part 4 (Day 1-2)- Dinner With A Friend

Original Draft 12/19/2017

I did it.

I cut out a word of the title.

Even so, the official title it still “I’m Actually Writing A Standard Journal, not what’s shown.


Yaaaaaaay we’re finally in the real numbers now! It’s hard to believe this is the day I originally started writing this journal… and here I am… writing about it several days later…

So I’m a lazy writer.

I’ll admit not much happened. Sunday is usually a kind of relaxation day for my family, so nothing huge was going on. The normal church that we usually would’ve had was canceled due to power outages. I’d heard that a lot of the member had power outages as well, some for hours. I guess we were lucky, we had the lights flicker couple times, but never was the power actually out. It wasn’t annoying, except it meant we all had to reset out clocks. And put the microwave back on silent.

I didn’t really get up until it was almost afternoon, except to say goodbye to my grandmother. She left sometime that morning, which was bad timing, with all the snow around. Her plane wasn’t delayed or canceled, so I guess it wasn’t too much of a problem.

When I was finally awake, I felt like doing something productive. I moved all of my stuff back to my room and tidied it up a bit (Though it was already mostly clean since my grandmother as staying there). Then I got the great idea to do some writing. But what to write about? I didn’t feel like working on my novel nor start a new piece, so I figured why not a journal? I wouldn’t have periods where I’m sitting for several minutes trying to come up with a good plot because it’s already decided.

6 hours. 6 hours straight I sat, writing and writing, with little to no breaks. Soon I realized I wanted to go into more detail than I had time for, so I tried to simplify things a bit. It was late afternoon when I’d stopped, and by then I was exhausted.

The rest of the day was just as empty as the start had been. No dinner was prepared, so I had whatever I found lying around, and ended the day reading on my tablet.

I have space, why not? I’ll include Monday here as well,because those days were more or less empty.

To be continued on a later date! Comment because why not.


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