[147] ~*Wed – 12/20/17*~

[5:07 pm]

Looks like I took a long break from writing. Just seem like I don’t have any time to myself lately and I just feel so rushed.

Sat I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my client and I guess it wasn’t too bad. I did fall asleep for maybe 5-10 mins but yea. I went to bed fairly early cause I wanted to get plenty of rest for the next day at the store.

Sun I worked at the store which wasn’t too bad but again, didn’t get to really clean as it was fairly busy. I did almost hurt myself and still don’t know how I managed not to fall as I have a hard time with my balance. I leaned a bit on the wall beside me at the cash and the wall went down. I don’t know how I didn’t go down with it but glad I didn’t and also glad there wasn’t any customers walking by when it happened. I’m also glad I wasn’t there on Sat as apparently there’s a rat that felt on a customer from the riser. I wouldn’t of wanted to deal with that.

Hub was working until 8 pm Sun so he made us some super when he got home and then I got talking with a friend cause I wanted to go to my mom’s on Mon night but couldn’t with my car as I needed to drop it at the garage so then hub wouldn’t have a car if I took his. In the end our friend picked him up from the garage and drove him home so I could take his car to go to mom’s. So yea.. Sun night I was talking to her for a while and time was going by too fast. I wanted to take a bath but didn’t even have time. I was trying to get her to go see a movie with hub as he wanted to go see Star Wars but wouldn’t have a car to get there. I told our friend I’d get her a ticket if she wanted to go with him. Of course she felt bad but she finally decided to go so that was good as she needed to get out of the house and do something else than sit there and be depressed.

Mon my first client cancelled so that was good as I could sleep a bit more. I should of took advantage of that to get my bag ready but we all know I didn’t. My last client had also cancelled so I was all excited, we could leave early. Of course that didn’t work as the office gave me a fill in. I was gonna say no but kinda looked bad to say “I have plans” when technically I was scheduled to work in that time frame. So between my two clients I rushed to the garage to drop the key and then home to pack my bag. After my client I went to hub’s work to switch cars then picked up my friend, went to Costco and the store to pick up something. We finally made it to mom’s and she was very surprised to see us. She had a feeling I was gonna go on Mon night but as it was already like 9:40 pm, she thought I wasn’t.

We didn’t do much at mom’a but she was happy we were there. Of course we went to bed super late so I woke up at 11:30 the next morning so we lost the morning cause of me. Of course I got the phone call I didn’t wanted to have when I had just gotten up. My dear car.. needs $1000 worth of work done at the garage and then some more from the body shop which I’m still waiting on an estimate for. So it will prob be a job of about $2000 all together. So I can tell ya, I started stressing, I wanted to cry. It’s a lot of money and the car is 10 yrs old so… Do I put the money on it, do I look for a new one or a second hand one. Decision that I don’t want to be making. It’s too rushed and Xmas time so places are closed and I work all the time so I have no time to shop for a car. Really I want to fix my car, that’s the best decision to me but, I’m scared to gamble my money with fixing an old car. I was very upset and stressed but I’ve calmed down. Now it just needs to be done. We’re having a hard time finding a body shop to do the work and of course none can do it before the New Year. I just got very stressed cause I can’t take my time with this as I need my car for my job. No car means no more job for me. If it wouldn’t of been of that I wouldn’t of stressed as much.

Anyways, we went out to eat as it was mom’s Bday yesterday and then we went to town to see Wonder which was very nice. The lil guy did a very good job with his acting. We then went to the lil Casino place which mom gave me and my friend $40 but we both lost. Mom made a bit of money but she gave it all to me to help with my car.

This morning I was scared I couldn’t drive my car cause of the reject as I had checked online about it but didn’t really understand it. I called the garage and he said I was okay to drive it. I was very pleased about that! I didn’t wanted to use the new car with my clients. When I got in the car, I still had my old sticker, they didn’t even put a reject sticker so I was worrying about it for nothing. Although now the rattling seem to be triple as what it was before. I get so embarrassed! I just hope I won’t have any rattling after I get everything fixed on the car.

Anyways, before leaving for work I also called the pharmacy to get some pills as I am low and it’s the Holidays to come to find out, I’m out of refills. What?? My bottle says I have six left but I screwed myself over when I told the doc I was out and he had sent a few refills when really I wasn’t out. They said it cancelled the prescription I had before. So now my doc isn’t there and I can only see him on Jan 23 so I will be a month without sleeping pills. I don’t know if I can live with that. I need to see if an after hour clinic can help me out but again, I have no time. I’m just so rushed on everything, I have a constant headache.

I’m currently at the club with a client so I’m taking advantage of it to write. Time always goes too slow on Wed with this client. I also took a book in to read but decided to write first. I wonder if the body shop called to give us a price. I’m just a bit scared with that. I just hope it’s not more than $1000. I need to relax…




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