Hey all, 

Realistically, I’m not too sure how to begin or finish this, never mind what to actually write about. I’ve used a fake name and fake email, despite the fact I’m certain no one I’m friends with would ever use a site like this. That sounds bad, it’s just the whole concept of ‘writing feelings down’ would never appeal to anyone within any of my groups of friends. It doesn’t even appeal to me. But I do enjoy writing and I feel like it might be a good way to reflect on myself, so here I am.  Not too sure on how this site works, but I’ve read a few other peoples ‘journals’ within the past half hour and I’m pretty sure each one of them were more interesting than any of mine will ever be. I reckon ill just give a couple of quick summaries about me today, then will go day to day starting tomorrow. I have no intention of taking this super seriously, but if anyone does read any of my posts then how will they be able to vision or understand me if they have no knowledge on anything about me?

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  1. I reckon most people on here have used fake names. Some things you just don;t want to be found. Feelings. Transgressions. Just admitting things.

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