It’s always these little moments in life that spurs me to write. Like.. giving a me a bittersweet sip of this bad tea I’ve sank in long time ago. Those flavors are wrong, you know that. But you couldn’t help and sink in deeper to take another sip of it.

He reminds me of a few things. The things that I’ve been missing out. Namely, the fact that someone still cares. That someone still remembers. And that, someone actually appreciates. All these aspects wrapped up so safely in the facade of an ever smiley face and at times, giving a hint of untold pain. 

Sometimes I wonder why do I have the audacity to fall for such a dangerous character that I know I have a soft-spot for. Call it infatuation, call it head-over-heels lust.

Scary part ? It feels almost like love.

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