December issue Philippine Courier, 2017

Merry Christmas to all of you. I am so elated about this season, even if it happens when winter cold overwhelms us but look at our surrounding now with full of white, the purity and sincerity also add glamours to the occasions. One of the best memory that we always heartily embedded in our mind is the death anniversary of my Mom, which is every December 22. Let your perpetual light shines upon her. She is away, yet in our brain and heart, she is always near.
My two sons, haike or Julius and Kim, who had successfully erected their business, Optimax contracting, had their Christmas Party on December 17, in Don Mills, 33 Mallard Rd. Lagos Center with their co-players and friends, and they celebrated the Christmas with much fanfare and we’re so happy together. They just consider their friendship as if they are brothers, and it works too very well. To make it so merrier, they brought also their family and friends, and it works good for their camaraderie. Members of their group are. Jun ( the Champ) Leo mongit, Mark Alviola, Chris de la Pena, Barbz, Pablo, Floyd, Kim, Julius, Bong, Jayson, Cloyd, AllenMark, Randolph, Nic , Nico, Rene, and Fred. Naturally, their partners and kid were also there. Jannet, Joy, Ivie, Bing or Tabitha, pam, Lordvi , Nicole, and Jessica, and so on and so forth. They dance a lots, Jayson joked also in his freaky dance steps. Since there was no guitar, there was no singing. Anyway, it was really one of my best night.
Our country, is again devastated by a tropical storm, urduja. It brought so much rain, and the soil was softened enough, and it causes some areas of landslides, especially in Samar and Leyte, a large portion was some sort of a rehash of what happens to Yolanda. The casualty was just minimal but the root crops and also rice and corn, are the worse, which was totally destroyed. But the Government assures the public, not to be afraid, because they have already erected some contingencies in confronting the problem.
The President of the Philippines bubbles again another joke, and at this time, he throws a new sour joke to Pacquiao, telling the public, that Pacquiao is his successor. Pacquiao also who is very vulnerable to exaggerations, felt elated, or I say, feeling President right away. The Peso-dollar now is 54 to one USD, and the OFW welcomes its development. They think that it is healthy for our country. But the irony is, our economy is down, because the value of raw material our manufacturing company is buying increases, and it will shoot up the prices of the produce. That is the reason that our prime commodities, are sky high, and the poor which is the majority, will suffer the brunt, and the after effect, we will have malnutrition problems in all walk of life.There will be a pandemic of maldigestion problems, because the people will jump to some exotic foods, which in some way, poisonous or has an adverse reaction if taken. But as of this time, since it is Christmas season, people can have caroling for foods, and it might solve temporarily the problems. The unsolved problems in the Philippines are as follows: Drugs and EJK, capsizing economy, corruption, like the signing of waiver, Drug smuggling in billions which the President son is implicated, the threat of unconstitutional Revolutionary Government, which may make our government like the NPA terrorist, higher price of prime commodities, Profanity and immorality issue, and the balimbing attitudes of our politicians. The Philippines if it will continue plummeting to its downslide, will again suffer another devastation of doom. It is high time now to reverse the trend, while our democratic institution is still breathing. Let us just pray.
Canada has recently lost a Super generous couple, the Shermans, who owned, pioneered, and founded, Apotex, a pharmaceutical company whose asset is calculated to be 4.4 billion CAD. They died in a very questionable situation.Some said it is homicide-suicide but those who are close to the family will never believe it. Some theories are now followed up by the intelligence community, and they are still silent about it. If it happens in the Philippines, it would be another EJK. Just joking. The Police are still staring at the blank wall. Even a theory which can show to us the direction is clouded with doubt, and it sounds like the case is unsolvable. We only hope the family will reach the needed justice for the dead one. let us hope for it.
America is still indulged on a political conumdrum about Russia’s participation in the win of Trump last Election. It seems like the Democrats does not want to move on, until such time this problem is resolved. Some tactician say, that it is more of a win for Russia, because the loser keep on hammering the wrong nail. So, it is now true that the Great Divide is wreaking havoc to the country now. Rallies, riots, killing, fear of ISIS and rhetorics against the present despensation is all over in the country. But POTUS is still fighting like a wounded Ninja. he is very combative, and he also knows how to parry issues against him. in the special election in Alabama, moore lost to Jones. Many said it was Trump who is the cause of Moore’s defeat, because the people of Alabama, does not like the President. But Trump, conceded right away, and Jones is very happy for his congratulatory pose.
My puppy is a good politician, he is pro-duterte, and pro-Trump. Hope the world will have more puppy like mine. Are we Dogs ? the answer is yours.

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