[148] ~*Thu – 12/21/17*~

[8:06 pm]

I am not liking my cat very much at the moment. She always wants to cuddle and I sometime let her. The things is, I am allergic to cats so too much cuddling makes my allergies act up. That said, my eyes are red right now and my left eye is sore as it’s dry. I’ve put some drops but it doesn’t seem to be helping right now. My vision from that eye is a bit blurry. Bleh! When I got to the mirror to check my eyes, I’ve thought of my brother. He was also allergic to cat and at one time we had a cat which he used to sleep with all the time. He would wake up with red eyes and would always have to use drops.

Anyways, I still have a headache which I had for a few days now. I’m also still coughing which is still annoying. I just want to feel better. I’m also a bit stuck as I don’t have any refills left for my sleeping pill and I have 10 left and can only see the doc on Jan 23. I thought I still had six refills but apparently when I thought I was out and asked the doc to send a prescription to my pharmacy that cancel the one I already had. Seriously?! Why didn’t they just keep the six instead of the two. Makes no sense to me but yea, looks like I’m out of pills and the pharmacy doesn’t want to help me out. I’ve called a few after hour clinics and of course, they don’t prescribe sleeping pills. I’ve called back my doctor’s office and the girl didn’t seem to want to help me out, she finally said she’d talk to the doc and would call me back, which I didn’t receive any call back. Arg! I’ve also haven’t heard back from the body shop so I have no clue how much my car will cost and I just want it fix so bad cause that rattling is very much embarrassing. 

I’ve tried sleeping without a sleeping pill last night and it didn’t go well at all. I was waking up every 20 mins or so. I’m actually surprised that I’m not more tired than that right now. I really hate how I need a pill to keep me asleep. I just hope they can figure out something cause I don’t think I can go a month without it. I know I’ve done it a few months ago, but I just tried last night to see and nope. At worse I guess I’ll have to go to the ER but I’ll be there FOR EVER since they will see everyone else before me as I don’t have a “real” emergency. This really sucks.

Well, I was waiting for hub to go on his break as he always texts me when he does, to get into the tub. I need a nice relaxing bath right now. There is just too much going on. I want this year to end and hopefully the new one will be a better one.




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