This Man

This man could be the love of my life. He could be everything that I want and even things I don’t even realize I want or need. He’s an amazing listener, the type of person who really hears what I’m saying even when my emotions have me rambling incoherently. He knows when I need silence and will just give me a hug and hold onto me for as long as I need him to. He’ll leave cute notes around the house for me , even in the mornings when we’ve had a fight the night before. He doesn’t hold a grudge or harbor bad feelings, he believes in open-honest communication. Communicating courageously, knowing that it will be discussed and worked through, even if it involves conflict and compromise. He is thoughtful and just the right amount of adventurous. He can have fun staying in or going out and is seldom bored. He’s creative and strong in mind and body. He’s supportive and encouraging, but at the same time he isn’t afraid to tell me how he feels about something just to avoid hurt feelings. He’s everything and more. My kind of perfect, imperfections and all. 

Most of all, he knows and appreciates that I am all of these same things to him.  

2 thoughts on “This Man”

  1. This post warms my heart. I am so glad that you found this wonderful- sounding second half of your heart. I wish you the best of luck in your relationship!

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