[149] ~*Fri – 12/22/17*~

[11:33 pm]

Gaw! I finally have my sleeping pills. I felt like such a desperate drug addict today. I called my doctor’s office at like 11 am and the secretary told me she was still waiting on the doc to make my prescription. By almost 2 pm I still hadn’t heard from her and the office closed at noon and is closed until Jan 8 so that’s like 18 days and I only have nine pills left. I was getting some stressed out as I really didn’t want to have to go to the ER for a prescription as I knew I would be there for ever. The doc’s office called me at like 3:45 pm when I was driving so of course I didn’t take the call. She didn’t leave a message and when I tried calling, I would get the answering machine which you couldn’t leave a message on. Arg! She finally called back and I was able to talk to her and she faxed my prescription to the pharmacy. Was I ever happy! One thing that’s fix, now my car. It’s the weekend and then it’s Xmas so I won’t be having an estimate before at least Wed. Grr! I just want my car fix, the noise is so very embarrassing and I don’t want to get that work done before I get the bodywork done. I just hope they can do it early in the new year.

Beside that, I can’t believe it’s almost midnight already. I could of had a nice relaxing night but of course not. I decided to call my friend and see if she wanted to come eat with me, we went to KFC. I really need to stop going out. Hub has been doing very well and here I am, always going out. Hate myself! I really need to work on that with the new year coming. We then went to the Casino but of course, we didn’t win. Meh! After the Casino I went to her place for a lil so I only got back home it was almost 11 pm. I just watched a show and I’m debating on watching another one as it’s almost midnight. Really I should be heading to bed as I want to read before sleeping. I just feel like I haven’t done much today.

I guess I should be good and go to bed. I’ve just checked and there’s no new episode of Supernatural so I don’t have anything to watch at the moment.




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