Day 661 to 664 – Applications, school & day off

Thursday, December 21, 2017

This week was pretty boring to be honest.

I worked on school stuff as usual. I studied for my math test too which went okay. I didn’t do one question, but I think I’m good anyway. If not, well my teacher is taking the best tests out of the ones we do, so I’ll be fine.

I also applied for college! I wanted to get that out of the way and then submit my portfolio later. We’ll see if I get an answer about the pre-animation program that doesn’t require a portfolio; what determines if you get in is your English grade.

I submitted my exam plan in French. My teacher seemed to like it and I got an A+ for that section of the exam. I really went all out with it, especially in the narrative text section, haha. Instead of making a basic story, I built the whole storyline in detail. I even gave characters personalities and names that have meanings to go with them, even if I won’t be using them (I’m only gonna be writing an excerpt, so a scene, and that only inckudes the main character). I put those character notes in grey and commented that it wasn’t part of my plan and instead notes that way my teacher didn’t have to read it, but she read it anyway and liked it. To be honest, that’s kinda what I was hoping, haha.

Other than that, today I did basically nothing. I did some work, but only a tiny bit of reading and some Blender. I’m not gonna go to school tomorrow, since we’ll be doing nothing again. I’ll just work on my portfolio and Christmas cards. I’ll also get a lot of sleep and answer emails. My mom suggested I help out with kids coming to her office, but I decided against it. Even though I’ve been strangely wanting to babysit kids and have one of my own lately (I’m 17, so chill Bystander), but it’s 30ish kids for 7 hours… If it was for a couple or so hours sure, but I’m good, haha.

That’s all for today.

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