Friendship Death

So everyone knows friends are important they can make you feel better. What if you call these people your friends but they never act like it? What if you that girl in a group of girls where if you don’t plan something then you will never be apart of it. What if you ask if anyone of them want to hang out then you see on their snapchat that there hanging out with other people and forgot about you? Well, this is called the friendship death. This friendship death is keeping people. It is a lonely death where you know no one is there anymore. You see other people having fun and they forgot all about you. They don’t care about you anymore. They see you are crying and they don’t care but ur always there for them which is sad. It is a one-sided friendship and the people are in them know who they are. The people they call friends are users and don’t care about them at all which is so sad. These users just need to tell the people they don’t want to be friends anymore so they don’t have to hurt. So they don’t have to wait around that phone hoping they actually have someone care about them. These people who do everything for their friends deserve better and these users don’t deserve them. So if your in this friendship death find the light and let go of the users because they are all around you no matter what so ignore them.

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