First, remember to live each moment with passion and infatuation. Don’t let the appreciation and the abiding strength of bonds ebb away and fray at the ends. Hold those moments on a great pedestal, and honor them with same joy and gratification as they were lived with. Let the moments all swirl together, building on each other until they become a tactile feeling.

A feeling that swells inside the chest crack the ribs and bursts the blood vessels in a brilliant red display. A feeling which makes the air, that had been so heavy in the contracted lungs, feel light and free. Finally, the moment spreads out of the chest in an agonizing moment that is full of all hopes, frustration, regrets, anger, and fervency.

These moments created differential erosion.

First, the softer moments begin to be swept away in a tidal wave; the small details that built the personality and evolved them to become something else.

Soon all that stands are the harder, more impervious moments. The core structure of the being: their face, voice, and soul.

All that remains after the wreckage are the scattered remains a random blip out of the countless hours that had been spending together.

We miss those other hours that were washed away, but the loss means that new moments can replace them. A new face can replace that face, life can continue and these moments only caused a minor ripple in the vast journey of existence.

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