[150] ~*Sat – 12/23/17*~

[9:25 am]

Yep, I’m at Tim with my client and the only thing I’ve been thinking about ever since getting up is that break I have from 1 pm to 3:30 pm. Whatcha think I’ll be doing?! That’s right.. bed!! Can’t wait!

Again, with the new year coming, I need to work on going to sleep earlier cause this is not working out too good for me. I read too long and then I have not even seven hours to sleep. I’m just glad that I actually got some pills. I really don’t like having to rely on them but I don’t have any other choices if I want to be able to sleep. 

I’m also still coughing which I don’t know what to think of it. Seems it’s been a long time. I guess I’m seeing the doc on Jan 23 so if I’m still coughing then, I’ll talk to him about it. I surely hope I will be done before that as that’s still in another month.

Now I’m hoping that the hours will go pretty quickly so I can sneak back into my bed. 


[12:35 pm]

I got home and hub was still in bed. I asked him if he was working for noon today and he was like “yea?”. “Dude, it’s 12:15.”. He got out of bed and got ready in like five mins. Lol! He had put his alarm for 11 pm instead of 11 am. That man! I wonder how long he would of slept for if I hadn’t came home. 

I stopped at the car wash on my way home just to give my car a quick wash to get rid of the salt. I wanted to cry. By washing it, you now see the rust even better. I just want it fix so bad. I also hate and just hate when people tells you “just go buy a new one” when you tell them you need to put money on your car. Don’t you think that if it was that damn easy I wouldn’t of already got a new freaking car. Car isn’t something cheap. I can’t just go out and buy one. Fuck it gets me pissed of.  I already pay for a house, a car and a student loan plus all the bills. Where am I supposed to take the money for a second car payment?!?! Grrr!

Alright, I think I will go for my nap now or I will just become super grumpy. 




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