Day 2 December 23,2017 2:37am

Well I’m sitting at home alone. I went to the court house to get an order of protection but they were closed so they sent me to the city police station. Me and Hannah were there for 2 hrs and while we were there they came to the house to talk to Red and they said he admitted to pushing me so they arrested him and took him to jail. They said he probably wouldn’t get out till Tuesday and they are gonna notify me when he does get out. They said he probably won’t be allowed around me till the court date on Jan 25,2018 and that a judge will probably order him out of the house. When they told me he went to jail I swear me and Hannah felt so so relieved. I felt like a thousand pounds were lifted off my shoulders. I knew if he was arrested he would not be allowed back around me and for that I am soooo relieved and thankful. I’m not gonna lie I feel kinda bad that he is in jail and that he will spend Christmas there but what can I do?? He left me NO choice. I’ve begged him to stop his shit and stop hitting me but he kept getting worse and worse until I had to put my foot down and do something for me and my daughters safety and sanity. That man needs help that I can not give him. I’ve protected and loved him for 17 years and put up with his abuse and mental abuse I can’t take it anymore!!! It’s gonna be so hard for awhile and it’s gonna take me awhile maybe years to get over this and what he has done to me. I never ever wanna see him again. I never wanna talk to him again!! The only time I ever wanna have to look at him again is in court!!! I feel so many emotions at once that I don’t know what I feel. I’m scared I’m nervous I’m relieved I’m remorseful. I’m every emotion all in one. I’m so so scared he is gonna getxout and come back here. I’m terrified. I’m sorry Red I really am that this had to happen but u left me with no choice. I’m going Tuesday and getting an order of protection and then I’m getting help to file for divorce. Im absolutely done with him this time for the rest of my life. I have to move on for me and my daughter. We don’t deserve to live like this and I refuse to EVER let a man treat us like this ever again!!!

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