Thanks Step-Dad

Thanks dad, 

Since I could remember I’ve been cooking and cleaning this lousy house I lived in for 25 years . No I don’t have a job with a stable income. So what’s left to do with no job and no high school diploma, live at your parents house and practically be their maid. I cook and I clean and I even make my dad’s lunch every single day and I even cook dinner every single day and even serve it to his face because he comes lazy from work and can’t even serve his self! I do all that and more with no thanks. But I’m like hey I’m living here I don’t pay bills so it’s ok. But what gets me pissed off is that for Christmas I expected a nice $tip$ for all the hard work I’ve done and all I get is a Merry Christmas and $25 lousy dollars , yeah I know what ya are thinking it’s better than nothing but NO I deserve way more than $25 mother FUCKIN dollars after working as a slave for a whole year and not even receiving a THANKS !!!! UGGGGHHHH. I’m so pissed right now that smoke is coming out of my ears!!! Uggghhhhhhhhhgh.

Thanks Step-Dad.

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