SOOOOO, I’m going to kind of explain who I am a little so some of you can kind of get an idea of who I am, without saying my name, because I prefer to be super mysterious. JK I just don’t really want people I know to know its me, because I’m not a very open person, but for some reason, talking/writing to strangers i’m okay with opening up, about some things. These things ill be writing in these journals, are super personal that I’ve probably never know anyone about.

(clears throat) I’m 23 years old. Still in school, working on getting two degrees (criminology & psychology.) I have no idea what I’m doing with getting a psychology degree. The brain confuses me sooo much. Even my brain does. But I do pretend a lot to enjoy it, to seem smart I guess? Although I do believe I’m decently smart. Not like 4.0 straight A’s smart, but like a high B-. Anyways, since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by CSI. So fascinated, I convinced my dad into buying me thins fingerprinting kit thing that came with other stuff and a book from the scholastic book fair. (this was a thing my elementary school did at the time, where they sold books, and other cool stuffs.) So yeah, you can say I was born to be a detective. (dusts shoulder off like an OG.) Moving on, I like to eat, exercise (sometimes), watch movies, listen to music, GYMNASTICS & CHEERLEADING, mainly flipping tho, theres something about doing a flip and the whole world feeling like its frozen. LOVE IT. I’ve had an interesting life in my opinion, I’ll explain more in the other journals, which will kind of be organized. Im also a self doubter and tend to be kind of hard on myself with the negative talk. (IM WORKING ON IT, oK?!?!) Any waysss, that pretty much sums up me, but you’ll learn more as the journals keep piling up.

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  1. Hi there. I’m currently earning my PhD in psychology. If you’re interested in both psychology and criminology, look into forensic psychology. Individuals in this field work with the justice system by applying psychological principles to criminal investigations.

  2. Thats a good idea! Im googling right now haah. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I was just really set on becoming a detective.

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