23 december

today was nice, and for the most part, it was drama free too. days like this make me remember how lucky i am to be living. often times, i take life for granted. everyone falls victim to being unappreciative, there’s no getting around that. i, being very indecisive between optimistic and pessimistic, have a lot of days where i don’t truly have enough thankfulness for the life i live. but days like today, when i can just text the one that’s on my mind and lounge around and watch the sun set over the roof of the house, those are the days that remind me how happy i am. i realize that days when i can leave behind the worries of everyday and just remember the way of the skies and the ocean and the trees blowing in the cool winter breeze have a sole purpose of keeping me aware that we only have the bad days to make the good ones even better. though i may have ended a fling i once thought would be a spiderweb in which i trapped myself in forever, i’m glad in a way. now, i am absolutely free to accomplish the endless possibilities that have been waiting for me since the day i left them behind. tomorrow, i vow to myself that i will never make the mistake of keeping toxic people in my life for as long as i did with him. and from here on out, tomorrow starts today. 

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