Guy Number One: MP pt.1

So much has happened since I’ve been absent. 

I’ve been exploring parts of myself. Chasing after empty goals. Hustling for a piece of paper. The usual, but now there’s more. 

I got a new job to satisfy my degree requirement. Retail was not cutting it, so I moved to the restaurant (& entertainment) industry. I’m also a hired part-time personal trainer, so I’ve been absolutely busting my ass to maintain my grades, savings, and sanity. 

Anywho, I work at this huge entertainment/restaurant and basically everyone who was hired is either attractive or supremely energetic. If you put a bunch of young adults in one building for 8-10hr+ shifts we’re going to find multiple associates to talk to and (unapologetically I say) try on. 

Coming into the job I already somewhat had a bad vibe. I got hired as a busser due to my lack of restaurant related exp., but they wanted to bring me on board, so I agreed. Stupidly.

I sometimes feel like if I had disagreed to the proposed job position that they would have offered me the caddie position, but since they were low on bussers they offered me that position first just to see what I would say. Well, it worked. The pay is great, but my team…not so much. I was brooding. Keeping to myself. Annoyed as fuck because it was clear that I was going to hate coming in to work with most of these people on my team, but then someone approached me. We’ll call him MP.

“I don’t know about you, but I think we’re going to have one hell of a time being stuck on this team with a bunch of nerds.”

A asshole-ish thing to say, but I was subconsciously thinking the same thing.

We vibed instantly.

Months pass by and he becomes a legitimate friend. We hang out. We banter. I’m helping him hook up with females at work. Telling him all the right things to say. Helping his image after he got placed on a Fuckboy list that was created at work although its true. Beautiful eyes. Charming smile. Flirtatious personality. Amazing eyebrows (that I’m sure he gets plucked). Seeing where he was when he was young to where he is now, you would be amazed. He came a long way just to be our favorite fuckboy at work. He was so upset when he found out the news, but then all the fuckboys came together and learned to embrace it. Even created a handshake for their exclusive little group. 

I know, ridiculous right…

The fuckboys would throw these huge afterwork parties. Some exclusive — most not. One night “D” threw a party. His of course being exclusive. His party was cool, laid-back, fun, and intimate. But he’s a whole different character. We’ll talk about him later. 

Our primary focus is MP.


That night MP was working super late. I was drunkenly stupid that night, but still sober enough to make sound decisions. The only mistake I may have made that night was being to lax, but again…that will be brought up later. A series of events happened. I carpooled to the party with a friend. Her boytoy left, so that meant we had to also. But MP final arrived. He wanted me to stay. We hardly hung out that night, and we were just starting to have fun. He tried to bribe me with food. Promised to make me a sandwich in D’s kitchen. Any kind that I wanted. So I told him to surprise me. Secretly telling myself that if he made it fast enough then I would stay, but if Cat (another character) reached me before he could then “Bye-Bye”. I’d be going home.

Well…He failed.

He got distracted by conversation, which made my decisions comically easy. 

I slide away and let Cat drag me out to bitch about her toy. During her rant, MP was texting me. Complaining about my unfair judgement call and rude goodbye. After putting up with me teasing him for bit, he insisted I come back. Before I could even respond he came up with another bribe. Something perhaps better than the last (depending on the type of sandwich he was planning on making — I was legitimately hungry).

Cuddling was now up for offer. 

Mmmm. Cuddles, a cute guy, and food? Ye–ugh, No. 

MP should know better. I know his handbook. His tricks. All his antics. We’re friends. He should know how I am, or maybe he doesn’t.

Do I even know?

Maybe that’s literally all he wants to do.

Cuddle (and fuck)

Eat (and fuck)

Chill (and fuck)

Ha. Fuck No.

I denied his offer. He’s clearly drunk.

“I’m not drunk. Just come back.”

He’s clearly high.

“I didn’t even smoke that much.”

I have no way back home.

“We’ll figure that out later.”

Asshole. He has a car (a gorgeous one I might add). He could of at least offered. Knowing how much I love his sound system he would of had me sold. I laughed and brushed him off. He’ll be fine. I don’t think I want to change the status of our friendship from friends to friends with benefits anyway. 

He eventually fell asleep with my 50th unread rejection sitting in his inbox.

I was so totally going to tease my little cuddle buddy about this next time I saw him on shift……..

To be continued.

Goodnight Journal

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